Non-Destructive Testing

Comprehensive inspection/examination reports are provided with the following NDT services that are currently offered:

Material Thickness Measurement
(diversely referred to as UTM, Wall Thickness Measurement/Testing or Thickness Gauging)

Magnetic Particle Testing
(diversely referred to as MT, MPI, FMPI or Crack Testing)

Liquid Penetrant Testing
(diversely referred to as PT, LPT, FPT, Dye Pen or Crack Testing)

Borescope Inspection
(diversely referred to an Endoscope inspection, Camera Inspection or Indirect VT)

Eddy Current Testing
(diversely referred to as ET, Electromagnetic inspection or Flaw detection)

Conventional Ultrasonic Testing
(diversely referred to as UT, Ultrasonic inspection or Flaw detection)

Radiographic Testing
(diversely referred to as RT, X-Ray or Gamma Ray inspections)

Extensive NDT experience has been secured, with the interpretation of, and the ensuing engagement in accordance to the following Codes/Standards as well as to approved In-House Procedures/Works Instructions:

  • AWS D1.1
    Structural Welding Code: Steel
    Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels
  • ASTM
    American Society for Testing and Materials
  • ISO, BS & EN
    International and European Standards
  • ABS
    American Bureau of Shipping
  • DNV
    Det Norske Veritas

Additional technical support embodies:

  • Quality Control Coordination
  • Consultation for Welding related documentation i.e.  QCP, WPS, PQR, etc.
  • Compilation of Equipment or Project Data-Books/Files